Pesto Ranch Crockpot Chicken

I want this. I want it bad. Pesto AND ranch? My tastebuds cry out in yearning…and then just cry when figuring out that while gluten-free, the jarred pesto and the ranch packet both have dairy. I COULD just make a separate supper for the little man, but then I’ve lost the point of tossing stuff in the crockpot and having supper prep done before lunch. Plus I really want him to expand those horizons, which means being offered the same food as the rest of us. So.. off to google some fixes. I think what we’ll be trying is this:

8 boneless skinless chicken thighs breasts (Joshua won’t eat thighs, and I love it all)
6 ounce jar of homemade dairy-free pesto
1 package Ranch Dressing Seasoning Mix this ranch seasoning recipe
1/2 cup chicken broth (Swanson’s is what we generally use)

This will be tried, hopefully within the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed that it’s everything my tastebuds dream it will be. (We may shrink it down, since it serves 8, and we just need 5.. or maybe I’ll bank on it being good and wanting leftovers.)


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